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Jennifer Mills-Taylor

I began my escrow career over 21 years ago, learning about every aspect of the escrow process from the ground up.  During my 21+ years of experience in escrow, I have handled numerous types of real estate transactions from sales, short sales,  REO’s  and refinances.  I have the knowledge to handle difficult transactions and the people skills to work closely with you and your clients.  We are always ready and willing to go the extra mile for you and your clients.  We strive on having a smooth escrow transaction and keeping everyone updated.  I also enjoy the personal connection that is made on every escrow I close with my team.   Our team goal is to exceed your expectations and do whatever we can to make every escrow we handle as stress free as possible.  My family brings me the most joy in life, so when I’m not hard at work in the office, I’m having fun with my two beautiful children and husband.   As a family we also believe very strongly in helping and giving to the homeless in our community and teaching these values to our children to always help others.